Family's House Burns Down, Church Moves the Family In

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Imagine losing everything you own to a fire. That's exactly what happened to a South Knoxville family last Saturday.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford talked to that family one week later, and they showed us how a number of local businesses and hundreds of East Tennesseans stepped in to bring the family back together under one new roof.

The story starts last Saturday when flames ripped through the Reed family home, engulfing Four-thousand square feet and burning it to the ground. Everything they owned was destroyed in a matter of minutes.

But it was only a matter of time before help came. The family of seven, now virtually homeless, were taken in by members of their church.

"There were a group of us there and we felt like we needed to try to organize and help her find somewhere to go," said Angie, just one of a small group of women who took the family in.

But then something happened, that small group of women quickly snowballed into hundreds of East Tennesseans pouring out their hearts and god-given talents. They got together and they found the family a new home, the parsonage at Stock Creek Baptist Church.

"It was currently being used for Sunday school rooms and storage," according to Angie.

The six bedroom house was transformed into a gorgeous home in just seven days, with every addition having been donated.

"The goal was to give this family a home and not just a house," Angie said, "and we've met that goal."

Loved ones, friends and neighbors prayed over the Reed's before they entered their new home for the first time.

Once in the house family's reacted with awe and extreme gratitude.

"This is so awesome," said one member of the family, "look at my room momma," remarked another.

And room by room, parents Debbie and Randy along with children Jarrod, Ryan, Dalton, Makenzie and Lucas began to settle into their new home.

"OK, this is like the bomb!" daughter Makenzie said. "I love my room, it's definitely way better than my last bedroom."

Though happy for her brand new room, the 13-year old also took everything in stride.

"I'm going to remember all the things I used to have and I'm going to miss it," she said, "but I'm thankful for the new memories I can make."

The Reeds plan to rebuild their burned down home but one memory each family member will never forget is the how great their friends treated them in a time of need.

"It's just amazing to have a home in a week when I lost one in a day," Makenzie remarked.

"I'm just overwhelmed by the love," Debbie said, "it's not about the stuff."

Debbie and Randy thought they were liked in the community, but they never expected such an outpouring of kindness.

"The clothes I have on right now, somebody gave them to me," an emotional Randy said.

God works in mysterious ways.