Principals Describe School Shooting to Court

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Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - We still don't know if 15-year-old Kenny Bartley will be tried as an adult in the Campbell County High School shooting.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford joins us now live from outside the courthouse with what testimonies were heard Monday.

Morgan County Judge Mike Davis heard about 6 hours of testimony on Monday and more will take the stand on Tuesday. For the first time since the shooting occurred Campbell County High School Principal Gary Seale and Assistant Principal Jim Pierce took the stand and recalled what happened the day they were shot and their friend Ken Bruce was killed.

"I asked him what's going on, what's the matter little Kenny?" Principal Gary Seale says Kenny Bartley did not respond when he was brought into the office.

"I just asked Kenny, I said I need what you have in your pocket. He reached down to get it, and Mr. Seale reached down to get at his pocket," says Pierce.

"When I slapped for it, he slapped me, my hand back," Seale says.

Pierce says that's when he knew there was no telling what would happen next. "Kenny stood up with the gun, waving it at all of us, and Mr. Bruce walked to the back of the office, and so did Kenny."

"I say 'little Kenny, is that real?' And he said 'I'll show you that it's real. I don't like you anyway," recalls Seale.

Seale says Kenny then proved his point. "Put a clip in underneath it, slides the sealer back, takes dead aim at me, he shoots at me, I know two times."

"I thought, I've got to do something, so I turned and lunged at him to grab him, but as I started to lunch, the next shot went off and that was one that shot Mr. Bruce, and then he turned and shot me as I was taking him down," Pierce recalls.

Seale says he put the school in lockdown and authorities took over.

"He started crying and stated that he stole his father's gun and brought it to school to trade for some oxycontin," Campbell County Sheriff's Deputy Darrell Mongar says he found ten peach colored tablets on Kenny after the shooting. "He said if he hadn't took the Xanax, none of this would have happened."

Various doctors and psychologists also took the stand Monday.

These experts are closed to the public and the media, and they expect more to testify Tuesday.

We'll be here where hopefully a decision will be made then.