Knox County Commission Candidate Forum

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Knoxville (WVLT) - After much controversy and a State Supreme Court judge decision validating the Knox County Charter and it's term limits, voters in Knox County want their voices heard again.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel joins us with a look at those candidates running to replace elected officials who will lose their positions this week.

Several dozen people are running for the eleven open spots, and commissioners are the ones who will chose who goes where. At several public forums, they're asking the public to fill out a preference poll, but some folks are working extra hard to let commissioners know how they want them to vote.

"I feel very passionately about getting the right person into this role," said Tina Rolan, who supports Jonathan Wimmer.

But how much pull does the public actually have? This time, it's the commissioners who will be casting a vote.

"I hope these kind of forums will impress upon the commissioners that the public expects to be heard and maybe in the future, it can set a standard by which we can all be proud of," said Bob Wolfenbarger, who supports Cortney Piper.

At Monday's forum, candidates from the second district spoke first, followed by folks running to replace the Sheriff, County Clerk, Trustee and Register of Deeds. Later, any candidates from other districts took the floor.

"We've got some very talented folks that were out here tonight, and I hope they will take into consideration some things other than just uh, the party ties," Rolan said.

However, some voters in the area say they primarily vote Democrat in the second district, and they'd like to see a Democrat take office.

"The public has to let its will be heard. Whether or not that will influence some commissioners or change a decision that's already been made, I can't say," Wolfenbarger said.

Rumors have been circulating that commissioners have already made a decision.

"They have a chance to vote the rumors wrong, its very simple, this is a no brainer, it's not rocket science," said Yvonne Ragland, who supports Amy Broyles.

And folks are coming out in full force with opinions to impress upon them.

"Some decisions may have been made, but there's probably some that haven't been made and the public would be remiss if they missed this opportunity to influence those that haven't been made," Wolfenbarger said.

If you'd like to share your input, you can call your commissioners with a suggestion on who they should appoint to office. Commissioners will vote Wednesday morning.

Here's a look at the candidates:

Sheriff: Tim Hutchison

Eric Beals
Larry Hunter
Isa Infante
Jimmy "J.J." Jones
Jackson Lee Tramel
Randy Tyree

Trustee: Mike Lowe

Jeannie Mathews
Fred Sisk

Register of Deeds: Steve Hall

Scott Emge
Arrison Kirby
Sherry Witt

County Clerk: Mike Padgett

Carolyn Carter Jensen
George E. Stooksbury
Billy G. Tindell

County Commission, District 1: Diane Jordan

Jewel A. Cason
Ann Dingus
Charles "Pete" Drew
Janara Frazier
Evelyn C. Gill
Josh M. Jordan
Helen Diane Lewis
Robert L. Minter, Jr.
Leslie N. Terry
Nick Della Volpe
Rubye C. Wright

County Commission, District 2: Billy Tindell

Charles D. Bolus
Amy Broyles
Cortney Piper
Deborah Porter
Steve Roberts
Bruce White
Joseph "Chuck" Williams, Jr.
Jonathan Wimmer

County Commission, District 4: John Schmid

Mike Alford
Debbie Barton
Lisa Bogaty
Richard Cate
William H. Daniels
Elaine Davis
Scott Davis
John Deatherage
Robert "Archie" Ellis, Jr.
Craig Fischer
Ed Shouse
James Smelcher, Jr.
Jackson Lee Tramel
Joan Wagner

County Commission, District 5: John Griess

Tamara Boyer
Robin Butler
Marilyn Cobble
Ken Gross
Gregory Harrison
Brian Hornback
Kyle H. Philips
Tom Salter
Ed Shouse
Teresa Shupp
Pamela Treacy

County Commission, District 6: Mark Cawood

Sharon Cawood
Charles S. Giles II
Jimmie Shelton
Randy Williams
Justin Wiseman

County Commission, District 8: John Mills

George Paul Carney
Teresa Clapp
Doug Dawkins
Jim Eubanks
Kay Frazier
Maurice David Freed
Jack Huddleston
Gary Koontz
Tom Pressley

County Commission, District 9: Larry Clark

Randy Hinton
Rob Huddleston
Joshua Ray Lowe
Matthew Myers
Bob Norton
Gary Underwood
Chuck Ward