Randy Tyree Withdraws From Consideration for Knox Co Sheriff

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Wednesday, Knox County Commissioners will make twelve important decisions, they'll choose who will replace those elected officials who are being ousted because of term limits.

But less than 24-hours away from decision day, some developing news in the race for sheriff.

It's not a huge surprise, but Randy Tyree has pulled his name from the running.

Tyree says he does not want to put any further pressure on the commissioners.

He says Sheriff Tim Hutchison already has commitments from ten of the commissioners to select his choice.

The sheriff's recommendation: J.J. Jones. Jones is the department's chief deputy in charge of administration. He's held that position since 2005.

Tyree says, even though he's out, he thinks this unique process is positive for Knox County.

"It is healthy. Because what we have as an opportunity to do as a community is a renewal of our public process and although it has been difficult in terms of the short term pain. The long term gain is gonna be worth it, I think," says Randy Tyree.

Here's a look at the three other county-wide offices up for grabs.

County Clerk, Mike Padgett is recommending George Stooksbury, Padgett's administrative assistant.

A Democrat, Stooksbury has worked in the clerk's office for 17 years.

Trustee Mike Lowe is recommending his chief deputy, Fred Sisk, to replace him.

Sisk is a republican and has been working there for 17 years.

And Steve Hall recommends Republican Sherry Witt to take over as Register of Deeds. She's been his chief deputy for 11 years.