Slain Principal's Widow: "This is Part of the Process..."

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Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - A judge has still not determined whether or not a teenager accused in the Campbell County High School shooting will be tried as an adult.

Judge Mike Davis heard three more testimonies Tuesday, concerning 15-year old Kenny Bartley.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford spent the morning in Campbell County Court.

Everyone expected a decision to be made Tuesday, but Kenny's attorney wants to bring in one more psychologist to testify, but she can't make it to court until Friday, so the hearing will pick back up then.

In the meantime, it's been an emotional time for Ken Bruce's widow, Jo Bruce. She spoke with us after the hearing Tuesday.

"We made it through that November 8, 2005 and we can certainly make it through this."

It's been a long road for Ken Bruce's widow, Jo Bruce.

"Of course we would've liked to see not another delay, but we certainly understand the need for it and we're willing to wait."

Now, Jo won't know until Friday whether or not her husband's accused killer, 15-year-old Kenny Bartley, will be tried as an adult.

"We have faith in the system and we're gonna make it through. We're a very strong family."

Jo says she owes the strength to her two sons, 26-year-old Chris and 22-year-old Patrick.

"My boys have been amazing and I'm so proud of them. They've just been here and been with me and that's what's important to us is our family and holding our family together."

As the Bruce family holds onto one another, they say they can't help but think of what's missing.

"I tell my boys every time we go to court that we survived the worst."

And there's no telling what the future holds for Kenny Bartley, facing first-degree murder.

"As we try to heal and go forth, we have to be here. This is just part of the process for us."

If Kenny's case is transferred to adult court, he could face up to 51 years in prison if convicted.

If it's done in the juvenile system, Kenny would be released from the juvenile facility at age 19.

We're told the judge should decide after this last testimony Friday morning, from there, his trial is scheduled to begin April 10th.