New Knox County Appointments

Knoxville, Tennessee (WVLT) -

12:27 PM
Commissioner Chuck Bolus, the newly appointed Commissioner of the 2nd District is sworn in during the recess. According to Law Director John Owings, the nomination process for Commission Seat 4-B must start over. During the nomination process, Scott Davis who had tied with Lee Tramel for appointment, withdraws his name from the nomination.

Lee Tramel is selected to replace Phil Guthe as Commissioner of the 4th District, Seat B.

A ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. to swear in the newly appointed commissioners and constitutional officers.

12:07 PM
Tim Greene has been selected to replace Larry Clark as Commissioner of the 9th District.

11:59 AM
Jack Huddleston has been selected to replace John Mills as Commissioner of the 8th District.

11:56 AM
Sharon Cawood has been selected to replace her husband Mark Cawood as Commissioner of the 6th District.

11:50 AM
Frank Leuthold has been selected to replace John Greiss as Commissioner of the 5th District. Leuthold is the father of Commissioner Craig Leuthold and a former County Commissioner.

11:44 AM
Chuck Bolus has been selected to replace Billy Tindell as Commissioner for the 2nd District.

Josh Jordan has been selected to replace Diane Jordan for 1st District Commissioner. Jordan is the son of long standing Commissioner Diane Jordan.

Commissioners have decided to put off the selection of Commissioner for 4th District Seat B until the end of the agenda.

After returning from the recess, the commissioner attempted to vote to place the selection of Commissioner for 4th District Seat B off until the end of the meeting, but that vote failed. Three additional rounds of voting ended in a stalemate with a 9-9 vote between Tramel and Davis after Commissioner Guthe decided to begin voting for Mr. Davis. The commission is again in recess.

The County Commission takes a 5 minute recess after the fifth round of voting for Commissioner Phil Guthe's Seat in District Four. The vote began with 6 nominations for the seat and has whittled down Lee Tramel and Scott Davis. The last two rounds of voting had a count of Tramel with 9 votes and Davis with 8 with Commissioner Guthe abstaining from the vote.

Richard Cate has been chosen to replace John Schmid as the new 4th District Commissioner- Seat A. Cate is a former chairman of the Knox County Industrial Development Board and the founding co-chairman of Knoxville-Oak Ridge Regional Network.

Fred Sisk has been chosen to replace Mike Lowe as new Knox County Trustee. Sisk, a Republican, was Lowe's Chief Deputy.

Sherry Witt has been chosen to replace Steve Hall as the new Knox County Register of Deeds. Witt, a Republican, had been Hall's Chief Deputy for 11 years.

Billy Tindell is the new Knox County Clerk. Tindell is currently the "Dean of Knox County Commissioners" having served longer than any other member. He will no longer be allowed to vote for the remaining appointments, meaning that there will be 18 commissioners, and the possibility of a deadlock in vote now exists.

County Clerk Tindell replaces Mike Padgett.

Tindell and the remianing appointments will be sworn in at a ceremony scheduled for 2:00 p.m. today.

There's a new Sheriff in town in Knox County.
Knox County Commissioners voted this morning 18-0, to name J.J. Jones the new Sheriff of Knox County.

A judge was brought into the chamber immediately following the vote and Sheriff Jones took the oath moments ago.

Sheriff Jones was previously the Chief Deputy in charge of Administration for former Sheriff Tim Hutchison. He was a former KPD officer too.

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