Students Flock to Mountains on Day Off

It didn't snow in the mountains, but they still got their fair share of visitors with many local schools out today. Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb went to Ober Gatlinburg where many of the students had flocked to do some skiing and snowboarding.

Ober Gatlinburg did brisk business even though the snow they were expecting never came. But the lack of white stuff was not enough to stop many East Tennessee schools from closing in anticipation of the large winter storm.

With a free day off, students who wanted snow made sure they found it, and they did just that at the mountain top ski park. Park officials realize something was up when they saw this morning's crowds and even though only seven of the parks 8 slopes were open, teenage snow bunnies hit the slopes hard, making the park's staff very happy.

Wednesday night's dusting over was enough to freshen up the slopes a bit and according to the park, morning skiing was fantastic.

"That additional inch of natural snow made it real nice," said one staff member.

And as for the students, many told us they were happy they had the chance to do some mid-week snowboarding.

But did they miss being in school today?

"No!," was the resounding answer.

Ober Gatlinburg hopes to have their 8th trail, Alpine, to be open later this week.

Local school student's hope to have another day off for snow day in the near future.