Accused School Shooter, Bartley, To Be Tried As Adult

Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) - The teenager accused in the 2005 Campbell County High School shootings will now be tried as an adult.

15-year-old Kenny Bartley showed little emotion as Morgan County Judge Mike Davis announced how the case will continue.

"The long-range, long-term monitoring and treatment of Mr. Bartley is essential, and this treatment can best be accomplished in the adult system,"said the judge.

David went on to say that the safety and well-being of any community that Bartley lives in, is at risk without his confinement.

The decision took just 30 minutes to render following dozens of testimonies this week which ranged from medical professionals to victims Gary Seale and Jim Pierce.

Bartley's parents sat silently behind their son as the judge wrapped up.

"Some of the blame, if not a large portion of the blame, to where Mr. Bartley is sitting today, falls on his parents," Davis said.

Also in court for today's decision were the loved ones of Ken Bruce, the schools assistant principal who was shot and killed by Bartley.

"That was a big collective sigh from our family," said Jo Bruce, the victims widow after the decision was announced. "It was probably just a stress reliever in all honesty."

Jo spoke with Kenny Bartley's father today and she said he shared some kind words with Ken Bruce's mother before the decision was made.

"For the first time since this incident happened," Jo said, "he approached my mother-in-law and I just wanted to tell him thank you."

Bartley's mother told WVLT that she was sorry the shooting happened, and that her heart goes out to everyone involved.

Bartley is being held at the Mountain View Youth Development Center on 850-thousand dollars bond.

His case will be sent to a grand jury on Monday and his trial is set to begin April 10th. He faces up to 51 years in prison if convicted. Had the judge ruled his case would be tried in the juvenile system, he would faced only four.