Super Bowl Website Compromised

Knoxville (WVLT) - By this time Sunday night, Super Bowl 41 will be over, but if you've been doing some online research beforehand about players, statistics, even the stadium where the game will be played, you need to be careful. The Dolphin Stadium website has been compromised, and if you've visited it, your identity or credit could be in jeopardy.

WVLT's Whitney Daniel joins us with an explanation.

An attacker has hacked into the website and installed a "keylogger." A "keylogger" does exactly what it sounds like -- every stroke you make on the keyboard is recorded into a text document, and that's where the trouble begins.

w1c.exe. To me and you, it means nothing, but to a hacker, it means everything: YOUR personal information and passwords all compromised.

"What they've done is basically installed a little bit of code in the website, it's not visible, but if you visit the site, and you haven't been keeping up with the Microsoft Updates like you should, you'll be getting a 'keylogger,'" said Dan Thompson from Rodefef Moss Technologies Group.

Now, just like the Pros running plays at Dolphin Stadium, every move you make is being recorded.

"It's designed to actually send that somehow, either through e-mail or some other transmission to the attacker so they can come back and get into your system or get into websites that you visit," Thompson said.

And websites garnering a lot of attention also attract hackers.

"What these guys are looking for is a broad range of people to attack and what better place than something for information for the Super Bowl because obviously hundreds of thousands, potentially millions, of people are going to visit these sites to get information, stats and that kind of thing," Thompson said.

And while you're visiting the site, the attacker is gathering your information.

"Credit card information you have or usernames and passwords, so it's a very, very scary situation," Thompson said.

But don't worry. You can recover from a big hit by going to this site: Web Sense.

"There's still a lot of unknowns as far as the virus, or the trojan rather, that they put on there so it could be indefinitely or until you remove it," Thompson said.

Web Sense has tools and information to help you locate and get rid of the trojan, and while you're surfing the web, remember:

"Not only could this potentially be on the Super Bowl or the Stadium site, it could potentially be on multiple sites," Thompson said.

The best way to prevent this from happening in the first place, from any site, is to keep your computer up to date with Microsoft Windows updates. Simply click on your start menu and click Windows update.