Blount Sees Success With Most Wanted List

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Maryville, Blount County (WVLT) - With more than six thousand warrants, Blount County authorities are looking for them ten by ten.

The County Sheriff's Department is using a Top Ten Most Wanted list to track down suspects.

In fact, four were nabbed just last month.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb takes a look at how people like you are making the top ten list work.

It's not hard to find a victim of a crime.

"My son's bike was stolen at our house, just people trying to break in," says Blount County resident Chris Saffron.

But finding all the criminals can be difficult for law enforcement.

"It's just very difficult to dedicate a large number of manpower to go out and serve almost six thousand warrants," says Blount County Chief Deputy Jeff French.

So the Blount County Sheriff's Office has their Top Ten List of people they are looking for. Chief Jeff French says they put the emphasis on crimes against people and January was a very successful month.

"Four apprehensions last month and actually added six new names to the list," says Chief French.

That makes many people feel a little better.

"It definitely makes a lot of people feel safer. I think just knowing that they're out there trying to get those people off the streets," says resident James Holmes.

French says deputies focus on those on the top ten but they also get some help in the form of tips.

"There's a whole lot more public than there are police officers so there's a huge benefit," French says.

"If that's working getting their pictures on TV so citizens know who they are I think it's a good program," says Holmes.

It's a top ten list the public hopes can be found.

"Anytime we can get a criminal off the street and behind bars I think we're doing a good job," says French.

If you want to see the latest top ten most wanted list, visit

And if you know the whereabouts of any of the suspects call the Blount County Sheriff's Department Crime Line at 273-5200.