County Commissioners Speak Out About Josh Jordan

Knoxville (WVLT) - Fellow Knox County Commissioners tell us they had no idea that new Knox County Commissioner Josh Jordan once sold cocaine.

Friday on WVLT Volunteer TV News at 6:00, Jordan admitted to Volunteer TV News that what court documents are correct -- he was a street-level dealer in Knoxville for the cocaine-conspiracy known as the Florida Boys back in 1992, and he testified against one of its leaders at his federal trial. Jordan wasn't convicted. Wasn't even charged, which is why, he says he didn't mention it to county commissioners before his appointment.

He calls the incident a mistake that changed his life.

"My life is open. There's nothing else that you guys can dig up or say that I was a part of this or I was a part of that. That's it. One mistake as a 15 year old. I'm 31 now," Jordan said.

"I would want to know the full extent of his selling drugs, if that was indeed the case in his district, his relationship with the Florida Boys, his relationship with the head of the Florida Boys, but also I would want to know the facts--if he did turn state's evidence, what turned him around--what was his cooperation?" county commissioner Mike Hammond said.

Fellow commissioner Tony Norman says Jordan owes him no explanations, and he'd hate to be judged solely for some of the things he did as a teenager.

Commissioner Ivan Harmon says he might have voted against Jordan had he known this, and that Jordan will have to prove that he's changed and grown enough to serve his district.

Commissioner Larry Smith opposed Jordan's appointment, but says voters will have the final say next year. Meanwhile, he says Jordan is one of us, and we'll embrace him and help him.