Neighbors React to News of Fatal Stabbing

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Very few details have been released about the stabbing early Sunday morning that left one man dead and another in police custody.

The murder occurred at just after 2 A.M. on Jayne Lane in North Knoxville. KPD was dispatched to the scene where according to Lt. Jerry Armstrong, they found a man lying in the front yard with stab wounds to the chest. The man was taken to UT Medical where he died shortly after arriving.

Back on the scene investigators interviewed a woman who witnessed the stabbing and provided a description. Not long after that authorities found the man who matched their description.

"Officers located the suspect walking away from the scene a few blocks away," Lt. Armstrong said, "the suspect was taken into custody without incident."

KPD says the suspect will meet with the District Attorney on Monday morning.

But as the residents of Jayne Lane awoke Sunday morning, they found themselves unprepared for the fact that a murder could have occurred in their part of town. Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt visited the scene late Sunday morning where those residents told her how unusual the violence was.

"The neighborhood residents are shocked because it seems to be such a peaceful area," said Mike Clemmer who lives near where the stabbing took place. "Everyone seems to get along, everyone seems to kind of watch out after one another's homes when people aren't home."

Though it may be unusual to the residents of Jayne Lane, KPD says stabbings are somewhat common though usually not fatal.

"Most of our stabbings are usually so minor in nature that require a few stitches and some not even stitches at all," according to Armstrong.

The names and relationship between the victim and suspect have not been released, but according to Armstrong stabbings are more of a personal attack.

"With a knife you have to be close range," he said, "and usually you would think that they were acquaintances or something of that nature."

As for Mr. Clemmer, he doesn't want to take risk anything. He thinks neighbors will now have to be a bit more cautious.

"Locking doors just actually probably being more noise," are among the precautions Clemmer now plans to take. "Seeing strange vehicles or something, I'm sure people are going to wonder now when in the past they didn't."