A Special Birthday Celebration For Tennessee's Oldest Woman

Knoxville (WVLT) - Tonight's Tennessee Traveler is a repeat of sorts. We introduced you to Marion Stout last year, but this year her birthday is making her a part of Tennessee history.

One year after we first introduced you to her, Marion has become the state's oldest person and one of the oldest in the world. She's 111 years old.

In this week's Tennessee Traveler, and only on WVLT, we say happy birthday to a lady that's seen more than any of us.

Marion Haseloff Stout has been through quite a few of these. Wearing her finest dress, dotted with a rose corsage, this supercentenarian celebrated a milestone recently: Her 111th birthday. Now, she's the oldest person in the state of Tennessee and 11th oldest born in America. Her family honored her at Regas Restaurant in downtown Knoxville.

"Happy birthday dear grandma, happy birthday to you," her family sang to her.

"How does it feel to be 111 years old? Is that how old I am? Yes it is, then I guess it's ok. It's ok," Stout said.

Last year at 110, we caught up with Marion in her home with daughter Catherine, still getting around with her walker. Up until seven years ago, she lived alone, but time is catching up, now staying at an assisted living facility.

Marion says she never drank or smoked and in her younger days, worked a high stress job on Wall Street. So the question everyone wants to know is what's her secret to living so long?

"Just be careful, just be careful. Good words about what you eat and what you do," Stout said.
"Do you feel like you're 111?" Alan asked.
"No, I do not feel like 111," Stout said.
"So how old do you feel?" Alan asked.
"Oh, maybe 105," Stout said.

And a sense of humor to go with it. Celebrating 111 was certainly special for Marion, but even more for those around her.

Alan checked in the record books, and besides being the oldest in the state, she's the 11th oldest born in the U.S. Marion is also the 43th oldest person in the world.