911 Tapes of Fatal Fire Released

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Blount County (WVLT) - Our top story is one tugging at the hearts of parents all across our region. Four children killed in an early morning fire in Blount County. Three of them went to school at Friendsville Elementary, seven-year-old Shelby, 10-year-old Sinjin and 12-year-old Jerry. 14-year-old Mandolin was a freshman at William Blount High School.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has more.

Ross and Amanda Debuty escaped the deadly fire with their three year old child. We learn more about the struggles of a family torn by the flames through mother, Amanda Debuty's, calls for help from inside her burning home.

Dispatcher: 911?
Amanda: I have a fire in my house.

A mother calls for help.

Dispatcher: Do you know what's on fire?
Amanda: The hallway upstairs, the fuse box was sparking.

Still inside the house, Amanda Debuty begins to get her family outside to safety.

Amanda: I've got the baby, I've got to crawl with.
Dispatcher: You're crawling?
Amanda: Yes
Dispatcher: Leave the phone then, get the baby and get out.

But, once outside, she realizes her four other children are still inside. She calls dispatch again.

Dispatcher: I've got them on the way.
Amanda: There's no sirens, there's no lights, there's no nothing.

Meanwhile, emergency crews are making their way along this winding road to the Debuty home on Miser Station Road.

Dispatcher: Where are your children supposed to be? What part of the house?
Amanda: In their bedrooms. I am going to have two children in the top middle bedroom. I'm gonna have one child on the end and one on the far side.

When help arrives, the house is completely engulfed in flames and as time passes, Amanda begins to lose hope, telling firefighters she believes her kids trapped inside are dead.

"I thought, 'Lord, this can't be true otherwords, it's such a tragedy," neighbor Glen Hunt said.

Neighbors, Glen Hunt and his wife are reaching out to the family through their faith.

"Just ask everybody throughout our land to keep them in their prayers and lift them up to the good Lord above," Hunt said.

You can reach out to the Debuty family as well. As you might imagine, they've lost everything.

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