Firefighter Remains in Hospital, 3 Others Released

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Knoxville (WLVT) The 4 fireman injured in fighting the fire at the McClung warehouse overnight are in good spirits this afternoon.
They have all been congratulating each other on saving each others lives.
None of their injuries are life threatening.
A fourth fireman remains at UT Medical Center receiving treatment.
Jeff Kindrick, 43, is in serious condition and will be kept overnight tonight.
Brothers, Jeff Lee, 34, and Joe lee, 36, and Kevin Andrews, 29, have all been released from the hospital.
The firemen told Darrel Whitaker that a giant ball of fire came at the men as they were investigating a small fire on the top floor.
When they tried to escape, they discovered the fire door was locked.
They tied a hose and climbed down the side of the building.
Assistant Chief of the Knoxville Fire Department Steve Fowler was on the top floor with the Lee brothers and Kendrick when the fire broke out.
However, he made it out just in time.
Fowler says the conditions in the building were smokey, hot and very scary.
He experienced the ball of fire the firemen have described to Darrel Whitaker.
"It was like a monster, it just came at us it came with such an intensity and such a ferocity, for lack of a better term, that it was just indescribable."

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