Family Members Preparing to Bury Four Children Killed in Blount County Fire

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Fire investigators are continuing their search for what caused a Blount County house to go up in flames Tuesday taking the lives of four children.
That as family members prepare to bury their loved ones.
WVLT Volunteer TV's Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb has more on how the family is coping with such a tragic loss.
Many people drove by the site of the fire Wednesday where those four children died.
For them seeing is believing, as a community is still in shock over the deaths.
One by one, cars drove by the home on Miser Station Road where four children ages 7 to 14 died in a housefire early Tuesday morning.
George Blevins, a long time family friend says, "it's going to be bad, you know, to go to the funeral. Four people there but I miss them and, like I say, they're good friends of mine."
Mandy Mason, Jerry Debuty, Sinjin Smith, and Shelby Debuty all died in the fire while their parents Ross and Amanda escaped with their three year old son Raymond Debuty.
Investigators sifted through the ashes looking for clues as to what caused the blaze.
The homes builder says fire officials were looking at a bedroom where there was a heat source.
Harold Wolfe, who built the family home says, "when I built the house I put wall heaters in it."
Meanwhile, friends of the children went to school today at Friendsville Elementary where many had long talks with their parents the night before.
Patricia Swainey, whose child attends Friendsville Elementary says, "she said she knew they went to Heaven to be with Jesus. It was just awful. My whole family is praying for the family."
Jennifer Happerly continues, "she's doing fine. She prayed for them before she went to bed."
Some families used what happened as a learning experience.
Sandy Russell, who practiced a fire escape plan, says, "we went over our fire escape plan and he seems to be OK with it. I mean, he understands that things like this do happen."
Victoria Heaton continues, "we need to think about the family and we need to come together as a community and support them."
Funeral arrangements are pending for the four children at this hour.