Rural/Metro Firefighters Talk About Safety of Firefighters

Knoxville (WVLT) - While the Knoxville Fire Department was the company responding to the fire Wednesday morning, other local firefighters watching from home say they were praying for the safety of their brothers and sisters responding to the scene.

Firefighters from Rural/Metro tell us a fire of this magnitude is a reminder to them of just how dangerous their job can be from day to day. They tell us anything could have gone wrong at any moment, and they say it really makes you think about the dangers firefighters go through.

Firefighters tell us they were hoping those responding to it would make it out safely.

"The biggest thing that was going through our minds was basically the safety of those guys. I mean, that was a big fire, a lot of potential for injuries for collapse from those buildings, which obviously did happen, and our biggest thought, and stuff, for them was basically their safety because that was a really bad fire," firefighter Gary Watlington said.

Rural/Metro firefighters tell us they're thankful the injuries from today's fire weren't any worse.

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