Fire-Gutted Building Will Be Torn Down Friday

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Knoxville (WVLT) The City of Knoxville says the McClung Warehouse buildings will come down Friday.

Permits are in place so the demolition can happen immediately.
Firefighters still remain at the scene and are working to keep the fire from re-igniting.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has more on how the firefighters efforts are now well into their second day.

For over 36 hours firefighters have been constantly pouring water onto the burned buildings.

Knoxville Fire Department spokesperson Darrell Whitaker says, "our firefighters are still busy putting out hotspots although they have diminished greatly we just have minute amounts of smoke coming out."

The smoke puts firefighters in firewatch mode.

Because of the heavy timber construction of the buildings it's very easy for a rekindle to occur.

"All these bricks are piled on top of the wood, it may be hiding some smoldering ash that we couldn't get to with our streams."

Cranes are already getting into place at the site of the McClung Warehouse for a demolition the city says will take place Friday.

But until the walls come down, the investigation into the cause of the fire.

Whitaker says, "investigators will be side by side with them as they go, because they can look for evidence as it's uncovered."

Because there is so much damage, Whitaker says the job will be tough for investigators, but maintains "sometimes it's amazing to see the things they can find out and determine even after a collapse that we've seen here."

The Knoxville Fire Department is asking anyone who may have video or pictures of the fire to contact them.

These could be very helpful in the investigation.

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