Charity Concert for Debuty Family

(WVLT) - Some local bands are coming to the aid of a Blount County family who lost four of their children in a house fire.

The Debuty family's home went up in flames Tuesday morning. Four of their children died of smoke inhalation; 14 year-old Mandolin, 12 year-old Jerry, 10 year-old Sinjin, and 7 year-old Shelby.

Seven bands have volunteered to play in a Knox Scene Coalition show on Sunday, February 18th at the Kennedy Band Center and all the proceeds raised will go to the Red Cross of Blount County to assist the Debuty family. The show is at 4:00pm. For more information, call 865-538-0177.

The Red Cross is also collecting items for the parents and three year-old boy that survived the fire.

Amanda Debuty needs size XXX shirts and pants and size 11 shoes.

Ross Debuty needs Dickey's brand overalls in a 48/32, size XXX shirts and size 12 shoes.

Three year-old Raymond has eczema and needs 100% cotton clothes, size 4T shirts, size 9 shoes and size 3/4T pull-ups. The clothes should be washed in Gain "Touch of Softness" detergent. The family also needs baby eczema cream and sodium hydroxide lye soap.

If you would like to donate any of these items, or make a personal donation please make check or money orders out to: The Red Cross, and mail it to the Kennedy Band Center, 6636 N. Central Ave Pike #102, Knoxville, TN 37912. Any items or donations can also be dropped off at the Kennedy Band Center.

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