Governor to Knox County: No Special Election

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Governor Phil Bredesen is weighing in on the debate over a special election for Knox County.

Friday, he notified County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, calling for such an event may be difficult under Tennessee law.

Bredesen calls the situation of having to remove 12 term limited office holders "unfortunate."

Mayor Ragsdale had gone to Nashville hoping to convince lawmakers to allow for a special election.

"Obviously, we're disappointed that, at least at first blush, it doesn't look like a special election is likely, without some extraordinary legislative relief, but we're still researching, still trying to get all the answers, and still optimistic that we'll find a good solution," Dwight Van De Vate, Knox County Mayor's spokesman.

Another issue on the table is the creation of an Ethics Commitee something county spokesperson Dwight Van De Vate says the mayor wants to see move quickly.

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