How You Can Help A Blount County Family Affected By Fire

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Blount County (WVLT) - The community is wrapping its arms around the Debuty family at this difficult time.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel has some information on a special fundraiser being held Saturday.

The tragedy has really touched the Blount County community as folks pull together to help get the Debuty family back on their feet.

"Anybody with a heart is going to want to help after a tragedy like this, and this is a very large tragedy for our area," fire Lieutenant Tim Ogle said.

As firefighters fought these flames, they were also fighting back strong emotions as they found four children dead inside this Blount County home.

"It was terrible. Words can't even describe it, not only for my husband or his co-workers, but for the Debuty family. It's something tragic," said Janisha Livermore from the Fireflies Auxiliary Group.

The Debutys lost four of their five children and now the community is pulling together to support them.

"Just in phone calls today, we've realized there is multiple families that don't even have one smoke detector in their home. So, it's touched all of us, and it's really important," Livermore said.

Firefighters hope the fundraiser will serve as part of the healing process.

"It's very hard. It's something no one will ever forget once you've experienced that, but you have a job to do, and you have to do it, and it hits you later on," Ogle said.

They also hope their efforts serve as a reminder to protect your own family.

"We just hope that it raises awareness about how important it is and how everybody should have some sort of plan because it can happen to anybody," Livermore said.

Emergency Responders will stand here on Highway 321 from ten until two on Saturday holding boots and buckets asking you to give the gift of hope.

"Dig deep. Give it to us so we can give it to them," Ogle said.

The community has already began to give. In fact, firefighters say they've received several donations from the area's kids, including a $600 donation from one local school.

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