Investigators Pinpoint Source of Fire; NC Police Find Owner's Stolen Truck

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Knoxville (WVLT) - As investigators begin their search for a cause inside the McClung Warehouse, they want to know if they have a possible clue in North Carolina.

A truck allegedly stolen from building owner Mark Saroff was found in Asheville, early Wednesday, the morning of the fire.

The man behind the wheel, 39-year-old Barry Thomas Jones of Knoxville is in custody, charged with possession of a stolen vehicle

So far, investigators don't know if it's connected to the fire.

"Nothing at this point, we just wanted to look at the truck and see if there were any details. We have gathered tons of debris and hopefully we can connect dots between all of the info and the evidence still on the scene," says head investigator Danny Beeler.

Earlier Monday, fire investigators were able to confirm the fire began in what they are calling Building Two of the warehouse.

No one was living or working in that building, but it did have electricity.

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