Local Gas Prices Lower Than Nation

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you've been to the gas pump lately you may have noticed an increase in price.

We'd all love to know, but AAA tells us there's just no way of telling if the prices at the pump will go up or down.

Tennessee's average right now is $2.07.

For the past week Knoxville's average has held steady around $2.04, that's down from the $2.13 average a month ago, we also have the lowest average in the state.

AAA of East Tennessee says we're fortunate to be right around the two-dollar mark with the national average at $2.22.

They also say with the price of oil on the rise lately at more than $60 a barrel right now, it could be worse.

"We're lucky they haven't been higher. Demand has been down a little bit, partly because of the cold weather, people just not wanting to get out and drive as much and partly because it's just the winter time and we don't drive as much anyway," says Don Lindsey from AAA.

Don Lindsey says a refinery problem in California reduced a large amount of supply that may push prices up eventually.

A year ago today Knoxville's average gas price was $2.23, so we could be paying a whole lot more to fill up.

And a reminder, the one way you can bring these prices down is to conserve.