State Senator Tim Burchett Receives Death Threat

Knoxville (WVLT) - An outspoken state senator from Knoxville receives a death threat by mail. He says he's now turned over to the TBI.

Senator Tim Burchett says the letter came to his office two weeks ago and described in detail how he would be killed. The letter went on to even give his home address.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation then took over the search for the person responsible, tracing the letter back to an inmate serving time for murder. That inmate apparently signed the name of another inmate serving time for child molestation.

Senator Burchett says he believes his stance on putting molesters behind bars likely lead to the situation.

"Due to the deviant nature of child molesters, they have no redeemable qualities what so ever, we've tightened up the laws, passing half a dozen myself," Burchett said. "It's just part of the terrain."

No charges are being filed.

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