KUB Warns of High Heating Bills

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Knoxville (WVLT) - When you get your February gas and electric bill, be prepared for it to be much higher than what you paid last month, especially if you use natural gas.

KUB says the cold temperatures over the last month have many of you turning your thermostats way up to keep warm.

And the rise in consumption means higher bills, as much as 80 percent higher than last month.

You feel the frigid temperatures outside.

"This particular year it's been cold for a long time. We've seen temperatures 12-15 degrees below normal for probably 4 or 5 weeks," Super Pinpoint 8 Meteorologist Scott Blalock.

And when you get that february heating bill, you'll see the results of cranking up your thermostat.

(Jennifer Fern, KUB)"It's been so much colder on average, it's been about 10 degrees colder during the February billing period then it was during the January billing period."

KUB says because your usage is up, your natural gas bills could be 80 percent higher than January bills, and electric customers could be 30 percent higher.

So what does that mean?

On average, if you paid 100 dollars for your gas bill in January, with the 80% increase, you'll be paying $180.

If you paid 100 dollars on electric, you'll be paying 130 dollars on your February bill, and for both, the grand total: $310 dollars.

"People have a tendency to use a little bit more heat and consumption has gone up....We encourage customers to conserve as much as possible," says Jennifer Fern from KUB.

Here's some ways you can conserve and lower those bills:

  • Keep your thermostat at 65 degrees or lower
  • On a gas furnace, turn the thermostat down 5 to 10 degrees lower at night
  • Open your drapes and blinds on sunny days and insulate your windows and doors
  • It's always important to clean or replace your filters regularly

    Now, KUB says for the entire heating season, natural gas bills should be 8 percent lower than last winter.

    So on average, for the entire winter season, compared to last year, they say you'll be paying less.

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