Another Salmonella Sickness?

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Knoxville (WVLT) The Centers for Disease Control now says 290 people have contracted salmonella during the outbreak linked to peanut butter, including 18 right here in Tennessee.

And a Knoxville woman wonders if she might be the 19th case.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has her story.

April Reszka says she first got sick in early January and just got out of the hospital after a week's stay where she was told salmonella and other bacteria were found in her system.

April says she visited the doctor nearly a dozen times in January not knowing what was causing her abdominal pains and nausea.

April says she regularly eats peanut butter.

And after seeing a warning for peanut butter that was being recalled she found the one she had been eating from since January, were being recalled too.

"I was mad. I was very mad because this time I've been really really sick and I don't know if that's what caused it but if it is, I'm not very happy about that."

April says she's now on medication for abdominal pain and nausea .

She says it has been a nightmare being off work so long and has to go back to the doctor next week for further tests.

Now in case you missed it yesterday, check your Great Value or Peter Pan peanut butters.

If you have a product code with 2111 on top, throw the jar away.

One interesting note.

April says she gave her dog some of the peanut butter and it's stomach became bloated, so he's on medication too.

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