Local Bands Stage Benefit Concert

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Twelve days ago, a fire in Friendsville shattered a family and touched hearts throughout the Tennessee Valley. Folks from our region have reached out from all walks of life. First with firefighters boots and buckets and tonight, tonight, it was the bands turn.

The benefit started out with a solemn voice taking the stage much like Live Aid Organizer Bob Geldof might have for a similar concert.

"Madeline, Jeremy, Sinjin and Shelby, may they rest in peace for once, let this show begin."

You can call it thrash metal, or rage rock, but under all the amps and anger it was something else.

"From what I've seen, whenever something happens, they've always come together without any hesitation or anything like that," according to Mark Kennedy of the Knoxville Band Center. "It just hit us right in the heart you know?"

Hitting these bands hard was the fact that four children, some who could of been school mates of band members, were lost in a fire their parents survived. Tonight eight bands came together. $7 dollars got you through the door. And the total amount that went to the Kennedy Band Center was not even a penny.

"They're obviously gonna have a big financial burden along with an emotional strain," Kennedy said, "so anything we can put in their pockets to help them get through it, you know, hopefully will ease some of their suffering."

For others at tonight's benefit concert, their reason for being there was much more personal.

"I thought ti was definitely time to give back because they gave me so much," said Syn Wright, a member of the band Facelock who performed at the show.

Music, and Knox Scene Coalition were there when Syn suffered a stroke several months ago.

"They helped me with my medical bills, they really came through for me big-time, so it's just my way of giving back.

The fans and the bands, none of them have met Ross and Amanda Debuty, but as parents Syn and Mark feel the family's pain.

"I mean there's nothing you can say, there's nothing you can do physically to help them out. I couldn't even imagine what they're going through.

The Knox Scene Coalition had hoped to raise more than a $1000 dollars tonight, strictly through door donations.

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