Maytag Repairman Auditions

Knoxville (WVLT)- The Maytag Repairman commercials have come in to our living rooms for decades. Now, they're set to make a return, and they need a pitch man.

Monday night, auditions were held in West Knoxville, and they came out of the woodwork for a shot at stardom.

"Maytag appliances have been so dependable. I had to take a job as a bus driver to supplement my income."

Everyone from bus drivers to security guards were vying to be the next Maytag Repairman.

The auditions weren't at a TV studio, not even a production house, but a local appliance store. No judges, just a small camera, but enough to shake the legs of most.

"I'm shaking pretty bad but I've got a sense of humor," says Richard Farr.

"Even though I'm a little nervous, I'm more of a model and actor," Dwayne Shiverdecker says.

"Maytag, yes, we need a Maytag washer. Make sure it's got a steel tub too, oh yea, with a steel tub too and an automatic temperature control. Yes, automatic temperature control is very important, here let me talk to him," Ron Lighty says.

"I know I'll have lots of spare time, so I have a special partner I'll spend a lot of time and we'll do a lot of dancing," Phil Hurst says.

All the auditions, including those from 49 other stores, will be judged with the winner being announced in late March.

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