Dr. Lindsey's Contract Bought-Out

Knoxville (WVLT) - The Knox County school's superintendent is on his way out after a unanimous vote by the school board Tuesday to buy out Dr. Charles Lindsey's contract.

"For the first time, I am hearing lots of people in the community talking about education as a priority," says Knox County School Board Chair Karen Carson.

That's why the Knox County School Board is taking action... to move their school system from good to great.

"We see this is our chance to bring in a new leader," Carson says.

A unanimous vote sends Superintendent Dr. Charles Lindsey out... and gives the board authority to hire someone else.

"I went to Karen 8-months ago and said, 'Look, I don't want to go through another discussion of evaluation and renewal, if the board is looking for a new leader, let's start looking for one," Knox Co. Superintendent Dr. Charles Lindsey says.

Some parents say they think Lindsey's work falls short and hope to see future facility upgrades.

"Just disappointed with the performance... don't feel like there was enough progress in the right direction made," Tanaquil Bomar says.

And there are high expectations for the next superintendent.

"Really get a feel for what the parents and the community overall want for the schools," Cheryl Taylor says.

The board says Lindsey moved the school system forward, acting as a change-agent...

"We're entering a second stage, the infrastructures that, we've accomplished what we've had, and now you're looking for a leader who can take it beyond what I can," Dr. Lindsey says.

And since the board wants to move forward, Dr. Lindsey says he won't stop them.

"The board has an absolute obligation and responsibility to make a change and I support that, but you have to honor the superintendent's contract that you first had with that individual," he says.

When Lindsey leaves... he'll receive a severance payment equal to the salary and benefits of his original contract.

"Because of operating budget, it's much easier to proceed on a month-to-month basis," says Carson.

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