A Look Back at Charles Lindsey

Knoxville (WVLT)- The road leading to the school board's decision to buy out Superintendent Lindsey's Contract is one that's had it's ups and downs. When Charles Lindsey came on board in 1999, only one of the current school board members was involved in the decision.

In 1999, Dr. Charles Lindsey signs on the dotted line to be Knox County's Superintendent. Months later, the sparks start flying with county commissioners, which would reignite in 2001.

That's when the school board and commissioners would begin a legal battle concerning the county charter.

In 2002, as the charter debate continued, the school board would renew Lindsey's contract, but did suggest he work on his relationship between the system and the commission and work on reorganizing the county office.

In 2003, the school board itself would turn the tables on the superintendent requesting an audit on his spending, where he would be questioned about limo rides and after meeting dinners with board members.

A year later, Lindsey would receive his lowest evaluation yet from the school board with his contract renewal.

In 2005, his contract would again be extended by 2 years, and last year the board voted against extending Lindsey's time with the system beyond 2008.

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