Arson Suspected In McClung Fire?

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Even though investigators still can't get into the building, a subpoena delivered to Volunteer TV Wednesday provides new clues about where the investigation is headed.

Fire investigators served Volunteer TV with this subpoena this afternoon. It's not uncommon.

Investigators occasionally serve subpoenas during investigation of a crime, and it's more commonly used by defense attorneys seeking a change of venue.

But this subpoena provides some clues as to what investigators believe may be the cause of the fire.

In it, investigators say they are requesting our video because they have quote "reason to believe that a criminal offense has been or is being committed".

The subpoena goes on to specify that criminal act as aggravated arson.

The crime would be "aggravated" arson because firefighters were injured while fighting the fire.

A Knoxville Fire Department spokesperson told WVLT they are following up on statements made in the media by building owner Mark Saroff that he heard footsteps the night of the fire, and he suspects arson.

Fire investigators say the video may help them to pinpoint if that's true.

Investigators say there is no named suspect in the case.

We'll continue to gather new details as they become available.