Parents React To Dr. Lindsey's Departure

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Dr. Lindsey's impending departure has been the talk at schools all across Knox County. Volunteer TVs Stacy McCloud brings you more on what parents are saying and how they feel about Dr. Lindsey's performance as Superintendent.

One school district, two different sides of town, and many opinions on the Superintendents upcoming departure.

It is a tail of two communities, one with an old school and the other with a brand new one. Yet parents on both side of the fence seem to be split down the middle on the school board decision to not renew Lindsey's contract.

"He has done a good job," according to Richard Kitts who has a child at Carter.

On the flip side, some parents at Carter Elementary and Carter Middle say Lindsey has ignored the fact that the district goes farther than just West Knoxville.

"A lot of schools out west got changes, ones we should have seen here," says Carter parent Kristina Vanzant. "My younger son goes to Carter and it's an old school and we've been promised a new school for years"

Other parents of Carter students disagree and say the measure of Lindseys' success goes further than a new building.

"i think he has done a decent job," Kitts says, "All the grades went up. Why would you change something that ain't broke?"

On the other side of town sits the Gibbs community where opinions on school matters often differ.

"It's time for new leadership," says Ruben Pacleb a Gibbs parent. "It was old school boy rules and it is time to move on and see if you can find someone to add a little more spark to the system"

And while some Gibbs parents think it took too long to address the educational needs of the community, most in the Gibbs area praise Lindsey for giving their children a state of the art place to attend school.

It shouldn't be too long before we know who Lindsey's replacement will be. The board's next meeting is March 7th, and members hope to make a choice by then.

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