5K raises money for inmate outreach program

Knoxville,Tenn (WVLT)-- About 6,000 Tennesseans are released from prison a year.

But, without a solid support system and a change of heart, 68 percent will go back to prison within 3 years.

Focus Group Ministries is trying to change that.

The organization reaches out to inmates while they're in jail and offers them assistance for transitioning back into civilian life.

Today they held their Changing Focus-Changing Lives Walk-A-Thon at Victor Ashe Park.

Brad Austin,knows first hand the importance of the cause.

"I was in the Exodus Pod in the Knox County jail, and I turned my life around there," says Austin who now works for Focus Group Ministries, "I went through the program, came out through our transition house and now I work for the program and I'm in school at Johnson University. I found a calling for my life, and I give credit to this program. I really have a heart for what we're doing here."

This was the fifth annual walk-a-thon.

Money raised Saturday will go toward the inmate programs.

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