Loudon Judge Hears Complaints Against Strikers

Loudon, Loudon County (WVLT) - Amid, threats and violence, it may be up to a judge to help restore more order on the picket lines outside of Maremont in Loudon County.

Company lawyers are appearing before a Loudon County chancellor, asking him to keep employees from blocking the entrances and exits and to stop the threats.

About 250 employees have been off the job at Maremont since February 5th.

At the court hearing today, more allegations of violence by some on the lines, including an incident Thursday where a transformer that supplies power to the plant was shot out.

Lenoir City Utility Board workers refused to cross the lines to repair the job because of threats of violence.

Another former employee faces a contempt charge for allegedly throwing a rock at a car.

Tonight at 5:30, we'll tell you how a judge resolves the situation. And we'll show you how the strike is really changing life in Loudon County.

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