Spring Weather May Bring Storms in to The Region

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Members of our Live Super Pinpoint 8 Doppler Weather Team all use information from the National Weather Service when tracking weather in our area.

Allison Hunt visited the NWS offices in Morristown to find out how the information they provide helps the weather team and you.

Any weather watches or warnings that may be issued come from the National Weather Service. Meteorologists at the NWS Office say its very important to pay attention because with their information, you can get better prepared for the severe weather that often pops up during the spring season.

To them and get prepared for severe weather as we head into the spring storm season.

"It takes enough moisture and enough power in the atmosphere to get it all rolling," says George Matthews of the National Weather Service.

And that's what the NWS service radar shows. A strong storm moving into East Tennessee which could mean the first significant storm this year.

"We're coming out of the cold season going in to a warm season," according to WVLT Pinpoint 8 Meteorologist Scott Blalock, "so the Gulf of Mexico, the warm air is trying to build while we still have a snow pack in the upper Mid-West."

Meteorologists say the clash of warm and cold air means thunderstorms can form that could produce wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour.

"Even a shower coming at you doesn't look all that menacing," George said, "but may have quiet
a punch of winds with it this week."

Although tornadoes are rare, they do happen like the one that hit Morgan County in 2002. In case of a tornado, getting yourself shelter is the best thing you can do.

"Get in, get down and cover up. Get inside a reinforced structure, get to the lowest floor and cover up to protect yourself."

Severe weather doesn't just mean tornadoes, it can also mean floods.

"With a tree's without their leaves and everything, the rain's run-off into a stream is a lot quicker."

"This is early," says Blalock, "it could be a sign of a long season yet to come."

It's never to early to be prepared. Meteorologists say its a good idea to have supplies ready in case of emergency. Items like flashlights and batteries along with a battery powered radio, first aid kid, emergency food, water, and any medications needed are all essential to have on hand in case of bad weather.

Things just to have on hand so you are prepared over the next few months.

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