E. Knox County Shooting

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Knox County (WVLT) -- A Knox County man stands accused of shooting his mother in the neck this evening following an argument with his wife.

Deputies say 33-year-old David Thomas Rynes Jr. held a 12 gauge shotgun to his wife's head and threatened to kill her. It was at that point that one of his daughters called Rynes mother, Linda Curry, who came to get her grandchild. When she was leaving, Rynes walked toward her car and shot at her. Shotgun pellets hit her in the neck but she was able to drive back to her house.

Rynes followed his mother back to her house where he hit his step father with a brick and slashed his own wrists as police showed up.

His mother and stepfather are both being treated at Fort Saunders.

He was taken to UT Medical.

Rynes will be charged with 3 counts of aggravated assault.

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