Charges to be Dropped Against Bobo's Owner

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Jacksboro, Campbell County (WVLT) A grand jury has decided not to indict the owner of an injured Chihuahua animal cruelty charges.

Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb has more on what's next for little Bobo.

Susan Baird says she wants her dog back, but right now the dog's fate is in limbo.

The case sparked a lot of interest when it happened, and some feel the woman doesn't deserve little Bobo back.

Bobo drew a huge amount of interest in December when his owner dragged him behind her car seriously wounding the young dog.

Babbi Dilbeck, a veterinarian says, "he hurt so badly he had nearly given up on life. He had lost the will to live."

After five surgeries, Bobo recovered.

Meanwhile, Baird was charged with animal cruelty and was in court last week.

But so to was a Campbell County grand jury who declined to indict Baird on the charges, which has surprised this community again.

Kathy Owens says, "I think it's awful. I mean, she did it so something should be done to her about it."

Chris Mason says, "I mean, you kick a dog that's cruelty to animals but if you drag one behind a car that's worse than anything."
Kathy Johnson says, "I was disappointed but I wasn't surprised because it's a little animal."

Johnson has been working with a group trying to bring tougher laws to Tennessee for animal cruelty cases.

"We want to see a more severe penalty for animal abuse. We want to see a felony."

So without a conviction, will Susan Baird be getting her dog back?

That's something now being decided.

Stan Foust, an animal control officer says, "I will be contacting the district attorney to see what are the guidelines of her actually retrieving this animal."
Some in the community hope not.

Mason continues, "definitely not. I mean the dog should go to the state and maybe be adopted by somebody, a good family to take care of it."

Owens continues, "she should never get a dog. She should never be allowed to have a dog."

Baird says it was her nephew who tied the dog to her car, not her and she feels everything has been blown out of proportion.

Foust says Baird does face the possibility of the dog's vet bills totally more than $2,000 dollars.

Attempts to reach district attorney Paul Phillips were unsuccessful.

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