TBI Agents Raid Doctor's Office

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Oliver Springs, Anderson County (WVLT) - An Oliver Springs doctor who has been practicing medicine for nearly a half century is the target of a TBI investigation.

The Medicaid Fraud Unit raided his office this morning and seized several items.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt is back from Oliver Springs today and joins us with details.

As is the case in many of these investigations, police aren't saying much about the investigation into Doctor Delvin Littell.

But some residents say they're not surprised. Saying it was only a matter of time.

It's business as usual in Oliver Springs, the train making it's way through the center of the small town.

But just across the tracks, a closed sign hangs on the local medical center. The doctor may be in, but so are TBI agents.

And local residents aren't surprised.

"I was expecting something like that sooner or later," says Frances Carroll.

TBI agents from the Medicaid Fraud Unit served a search warrant at Dr. Delvin Littell's office this morning.

Following up on allegations he may be dispensing controlled substances not consistent with his medical license.

Agents come and go with boxes of evidence, but release few details.

"They will begin the process of looking through the items that are seized there and try to put those together with some of the allegations and determine whether there is any criminal activity," say Jennifer Johnson, TBI spokesperson.

The TBI says Dr Littell isn't under arrest, at least not yet, and no charges have been filed.

Charlie Murphy works at the pharmacy next door to Doctor Littell's office, he says "it's very diverse. We see all that diversity all day long."

Several patients go next door to pharmacist Charlie Murphy to fill prescriptions. "Hopefully they take their medicine right and ya know it'll do good for them, you just never know what happens once somebody walks outside the door."

Just outside, residents wait for the train to pass and they also wait for word on whether or not the doctor's office will open again.

"A lot of people depend on him for their medication so I don't know what they're gonna do now," says Carroll. "If they are doing anything illegal then they are to bust them and get them out of here cause we have enough drugs on our system now."

Doctor Littell graduated from Loma Linda University in California in 1959.

According to their website, they are a Seventh Day Adventist university integrating health, science, and Christian faith

He's certified in aerospace medicine.

We checked his medical license with the Tennessee Department of Health, he has no prior disciplinary actions, or malpractice claims against him.

We tried to talk to him, but the woman who answered the door at the clinic referred us to the TBI.

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