UT Changing Cooking Oil

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Trans Fats have been a hot topic this year with many restaurants and products going trans fat free.

You can also add the area's largest university to the list.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud brings you a look at how UT made the switch.

What a difference a day is going to make on the University of Tennessee campus.

"Today is the same oil tomorrow will be a new oil," says Aramark's marketing director, Mary Leslie Patterson.

While most campus eateries at ut have been on the trans fat free ban wagon for some time now, "we started this a year ago so we've been ahead of the curve," Patterson says.

Starting Thursday March First, a new trans fat free oil is coming to town.

"We just switched to a newer oil. It's called Mazola LT," Patterson explains.

Why the switch? Aramark officials say it's a new company contract and the good taste doesn't hurt either.

"It is a big deal how the food tastes," Patterson says.

But that better taste is also coming at a bigger cost.

"the oil is more expensive," Patterson admits, but says not to worry, Aramark is willing to absorb the cost to give students the healthier options research shows most are asking for.

"This year people are more concerned about trans fat they are eating and what they are ingesting," Patterson says.

<00:40:15-22> BOLLINGER
"I care about what I'm eating in the sense does it taste good, not is it going to leave me dying of heart disease," Brian Bollinger is one of those students who couldn't really care one way or the other.

However he says as long as the fried food taste is there, it can't be a bad thing. "It's probably a step in the right direction for campus and the students on campus."

By the end of March all 385 Aramark schools in the nation will have made the switch to trans fat oils.

UT has 20 different dining locations to choose from. As long as it is an Aramark food service, you can guarantee anything fried will be trans fat free.

However, some national brands and chains within the campus eateries will continue making their own food choices.

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