Radio Station Building New Home for Debuty Family

Knoxville (WVLT) - Through their trials, one East Tennessee family continues to experience triumphs.

On February sixth, a fire at the family's home, claimed the lives of four children, but through their faith and the generosity of people all across East Tennessee, the Debutys are re-building one day at a time.

"Ross and Amanda, we are building you a house!" says WNOX radio host Hallerin Hilton Hill.

It's something Ross and Amanda Debuty say they could never imagine in their wildest dreams, but they've come to expect miracles like this from their community.

"We've had a lot of support from family, friends and a lot of prayers from the community and things like that, and that really helps," says Ross Debuty.

It's the kind of help the couple says they need to get through one of the roughest period in their lives...the loss of the their four children, Manday, J.T., Sinjin, and Shelbea in a devastating fire February sixth.

"We find the ability to be more patient and understanding than maybe we normally would have," says Amanda Debuty.

"Look to each other for support and maybe a shoulder to cry on when you need to," Ross says.

WNOX's Hallerin Hilton Hill says the idea to build the family a house just sort of popped in his head. "This is not a replacement for the loss. We just want to wrap our arms around you and kind of love you back."

RM Technologies is helping building the home.

"We'll go through the process as a community effort with volunteers on the weekends, you know, coming out, raising the walls one day, you know, painting one day, putting drywall up one day," says Brooks Brown, Marketing Manager of RM Technologies.

It's the first step towards moving forward, from the life this family was forced to leave behind.

"We'll get back to our day to day routines, and that sort of thing, but as far as being normal, that's all different now," says Ross Debuty.

"You know, our house was always full of noise, whether it was laughter or you know, sibling rivalry or those things, it's quieter," adds Amanda.

If you're a company interested in supplying materials to build the Debuty house or for more information on how you can help, call (865) 251-5551.

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