Two Suspicious Devices Found in Sweetwater

Sweetwater, Monroe County (WVLT) - A bizarre find at a Sweetwater, Tennessee car impound lot. Authorities find high explosives as they were routinely inspecting some seized vehicles.

Inspection of vehicles in an impound lot never was this dangerous for Sweetwater authorities. Two high explosives were found inside the lot.

"It appears that the target for the I.E.D' s was the impound lot, like I stated earlier, where we stored the drug seized vehicles and our surplus police cars," Chief Eddie Byrum of the Sweetwater Police Department says.

Knox County's bomb squad was then called in. They utilized their remote controlled robot to detonate the devices.

"They were two active I.E.D' s. What that means is they contained powder and an explosive device. So many times we see calls to where its a hoax and someone's not actually set up one that will actually explode, but these were active," Chief Byrum says.

What is still a mystery at this point... who put the bombs there? And how much explosive material was found?

In the meantime, some nearby homes and apartments were evacuated as a precaution as well as a nearby school.

"We will suspend all activities in that building until we can assure everybody is safe and everything is in good shape," Superintendent Keith Hicky of Sweetwater City says.

In the meantime, Chief Byrum will release more information concerning the incident on Tuesday.

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