Andersonville Woman Found Murdered at Home

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Andersonville, Anderson County (WVLT) - An Andersonville man discovered the body of his wife inside their home Wednesday evening. Also inside was their toddler granddaughter, very much alive.

WVLT Volunteer TV's Stephen McLamb is back from the scene with more on this murder mystery.

Neighbors say Steve and Teresa Busler were a quiet couple living in a modest neighborhood.

While a search of court records show no criminal abuse in the past, the couple has filed chapter 13 bankruptcy three times in the last five years.

The latest to cover $7,000 in back mortgage payments on their home.

The TBI Forensics Unit continues to process evidence for clues of who killed 45-year-old Teresa Anne Busler at her Big Valley Road home on Tuesday.

"Hopefully we'll know more shortly but until we get all our evidence together and have a debriefing with everybody we don't know much more than we did last night," says Sheriff Paul White.

Ruth Litkowski lives next door and had just gotten home when she found Teresa's husband Steve in her yard. "I could see his hand was bloody and he said he had used the phone to call 911 and he asked me to come over and check his wife."

She soon witnesses what Teresa's husband had seen just moments before. "I could already see before entering the bedroom, which I didn't do, that it wasn't a good situation."

Authorities say it was an obvious trauma and are beginning a homicide investigation.

"We have no suspects at this time. We have no motive from anybody or anything," White says.

Some neighbors say the Busler's were very private people.

"Teresa was a very quiet person. At least that's the impression I got from her," says Litkowski.

But there's something particularly upsetting for Litkowski. She says Teresa's granddaughter was in another room in the home. "Brianna was in the bedroom, one of the bedrooms I guess, watching TV with the door closed and we're hoping she was just oblivious to what was in the other room."

This June would have marked five years working at the Lake City Cracker Barrel for Teresa.

Managers say she pretty much kept to herself, but was very friendly and a good worker who rarely missed work and was due to work Thursday night.

They also say they were shocked to learn the news Wednesday morning of what had happened to her.

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