UT: Three Arrested in Connection with Campus Carjacking

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Three men are in custody in connection with a carjacking on UT's campus.

UT students are somewhat relieved by those arrests in the car jacking case, which happened on campus on Caledonia Avenue.

Early this morning police arrested three suspects all with Knoxville College ties.

KPD officers spotted a car on fire near Oldham Avenue and Better Tomorrow in North Knoxville. As they approached, three men drove away, heading the wrong way on a one way street.

Police stopped the men because they fit the descriptions of suspects in the carjacking and an armed robbery Monday night on the UT campus. Officials say the burning vehicle belongs to the carjacking victim.

Police arrested 18-year-old Alberto Amudo who is charged with arson and theft.

Twenty-four-year-old Andre Hill is charged with criminal impersonation.

And 18 year old Lawrence Mitchell is charged with simple drug possession.

"It's less than 48 hours after the incident and we've already recovered part of the property that have been stolen. We've already been able to make one arrest associated with the incident," says UT Police Captain Keith Lambert.

Captain Keith Lambert says more charges are pending against the three suspects.

The news of the arrests are welcome news to students and staff concerned after an alert was issued about the carjacking and an armed robbery case.

UT police say two of the three suspects, the two 18-year-olds, are enrolled at Knoxville College. The third man who is 24-years-old was dismissed from Knoxville College.

Distance-wise, Knoxville College is about a mile from Caledonia Avenue where the crimes happened.

KPD and UT detectives have been working the case since the early morning hours beginning after midnight.

Although the three men who have been arrested have not yet been charged directly with the carjacking and armed robbery UT Police expect to add those charges.

Meantime authorities recommend UT students, faculty and staff practice safety.

They recommend parking in well lit, populated areas, not walking alone after dark and using the free on campus shuttle service at night.

This evening students say they are somewhat relieved police made an arrest so quickly.

"It happened once it could happen again," says one student.

"It's a good thing they caught them. We don't want anyone getting into that trouble and getting away with it," says another.

"I feel a little better they were arrested but at the same time you never know who else could be out here doing something like that," says a third.

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