Fire at Crack Trailer Was Probably Accidental, Police Say

Rogersville, Hawkins County (AP) -- Hawkins County Sheriff Roger Christian says a gasoline container next to a space heater is the likely cause of a fire that burned a mobile home as police searched it for drugs.

Christian says the state fire marshal is still investigating, but told him the fuel was the likely cause.

Four deputies and a Rogersville police dog handler were in the trailer Monday, executing a search warrant, when they heard a noise and saw the other end of the structure had caught fire.

By the time the fire broke out, the officers had arrested three suspects and seized about 33 grams of crack cocaine.

No one was hurt in the fire, but the trailer was a total loss.

Those facing drug charges are 18-year-old Robert Arthur Leeper of Greeneville; 19-year-old Zack Robert Wells of Greeneville; and 20-year-old Kenneth Eugene Monroe of Knoxville.

The sheriff says the trailer catching fire while officers were searching it looks like a mighty big coincidence, but it appears that's just what it was.

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