Number Of Gun Permits Issued To Women On The Rise

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Knoxville (WVLT) Crimes like carjacking, rape and murder may be the reasons more women are carrying guns in Tennessee.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has more on the big change.

Some say it's for fun, but most women say they get a firearm for their own safety.

In the last year alone, 9, 921 women in Tennessee were issued gun permits, that's almost 500 more women than in 2005.

"it's something to make you feel safe that you could protect yourself."

At the Coal Creek Armory, up to 50% percent of the carried permit courses are made up of women.

Trevor Putnam says, "the vast majority of them are looking for self defense but a lot of them are just coming to shoot for fun."

But even if for pleasure, safety is the number one priority.

Putnam continues, "it's imperative that anybody that's going to shoot and wants to shoot for self defense gets educated on how to do so safely, responsibly and legally."

Lorri Wagner has been coming to the shooting range for a year.

She says the hobby started as just something to do together with her husband.

But it has given her lots of confidence.

"I feel 100% better because I know if somebody was to approach me, that I know how to handle the gun safely."

After many high profile murder cases here in the Knoxville area, professionals at the Coal Creek Armory say more and more women in East Tennessee are learning to protect themselves.

Putman says, "I think it's increased awareness, of people being concerned where they are and how they want to protect themselves and honestly how crimes can happen to anyone."

Advice from police, know what to do if you have to pull your gun..

Darrell DeBusk with KPD says, "by continuing your training and continuing safety courses you only better yourself when you, if you have to use that weapon."

For More Information you can click on the following links or for Loudon County you can call the Sheriff's Department at: 986-4823 or for details on classes in Anderson County call: 919-6210.

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