Police Investigating Possible Fatal Carjacking in Grainger County

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Bean Station, Grainger County (WVLT) - Loved ones in Bean Station and Morristown mourn the loss of 75-year-old Herold Bolick, a man they say lived for love and for the Lord.

"Herold, to me, was the epitamy of a friend," Danny Georges says.

A friend with extraordinary strength... and faith.

"He had high goals but simple joys, he enjoyed his church, ministering among the people at this curch," Georges continues.

This church is First Baptist in Morristown. For 48-years, it's been Herold Bolick's home away from home.

"This was his life outside his home... he and his wife, Rose, did so much in the life of this church," Georges says.

In fact, this is the last place Bolick was seen Wednesday before someone took his life.

"There was a lot of sirens and police cars and I think there was an ambulance... so one of the neighbors went down to see what was going on and he said they found a man down there dead," Myrtle Trent says.

The spot is marked with yellow caution tape and bright orange spray paint... fishermen found Bolick's body here at a 'Grainger County TWRA access point' across from Circle Drive on 'Highway 25E'. Published reports say he suffered potential life-threatening head trauma before he died... his wallet was missing, along with his car.

"I think he'd been to the church that morning doing something and planned on going to the mall to pick his wife up. And he never did come," Trent says.

Police think Bolick was carjacked -- they found his green Buick Regal here at the 'TWRA boat ramp' near the Olen Marshall Bridge at the Grainger/Hamblen County line.

The investigation continues... but in the midst of tragedy, Bolick's church family is surrounding his wife, Rose...

"The church has responded to her hurt and have been there around the clock, bringing food, being there for her to cry upon their shoulders... showing her great love," Georges says.

...The same kind of love this man has showered upon his community for the past 75-years.

Bolick's car has been sent to TBI's forensic lab in Nashville where investigators will gather evidence.

We will continue to bring you the latest information on this case as it becomes available.

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