Don't Forget To Spring Forward!

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Knoxville (WVLT) We may 'spring ahead' three weeks early this year, but your technology could 'fall behind' unless you do some updating.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has some tips to make sure daylight savings time doesn't put you an hour behind.

If you haven't already updated your computer or cell phones you better start now.

Dan Thompson, with RM Technologies Group says "when the whole thing flips, then everyone's calendar is gonna be off, all your appointments are gonna be off, it could potentially cause some bugs for the enterprise level guys, they've got a lot of work to do."

And professionals have been planning and preparing since January.

Microsoft has a website to get your home computer updated.

And unless you get automatic updates, you could end up an hour late for the next three weeks!

Thompson continues, "you''ll notice some of your appointments and stuff will change, you may get some kickbacks and you may need to re-invite people."

But it's not just Microsoft, Thompson says you need to update all your software.

"If you've got a lot of banking software, or if you link your PDA to your laptop and all that good stuff, there may be several other updates you need to do those as well."

Some good news, your cellphone will spring ahead all on it's own.

Chris Stokes, Sales Manager, Cellular One "at 2:01 am on Sunday the 11th, your cell phones will automatically update, that's the beauty of it."

But those Blackberry's or PDA devices, will need a little more attention.

Stokes continues, "all we have to do is download an update telling the system that the time change is gonna happen a little earlier this year."

And that's as simple as going to the Blackberry homepage and downloading the update.

But if you don't, Stokes says, "your phones not gonna have the correct time display on Sunday the 11th, the time change is not going to occur."

So the potential for a minor inconvenience, but not the technical nightmare some started preparing for months ago.

If you try to manually update your computer or Blackberry, the time will only continue to be wrong, so you need to do the updates properly.

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