Woman Bitten by Dog, Animal Control Has Yet to Investigate

Blount County (WVLT) - A Blount County woman says she was bitten by a dog Wednesday while walking with her son in the park, and wonders why the county's new animal control officer hasn't stepped in to investigate the situation.

The dog was taken from the scene by it's owner but a local vet says the dog should have been quarantined for rabies concerns.

Michelle Autry decided to take her four year old son to a new walking park in Louisville Wednesday evening. That's when they saw some German Shepards playing with their owners. Autry says they went to see if they could pet the dogs... but when her son got too close without her...she began calling him back.

"The dogs must have heard me yell and turned and charged us and attacked me as I grabbed my son," Autry says.

That's when she says she was bitten on her hip.

"I was scared for my little boys life. I was scared. I'm still upset. I'm still scared," she continues.

She says they decided to call authorities but then the woman left with her dogs leaving her husband.

"At that point I was really concerned. Have they had their shots? Why are they leaving with their dogs," Autry says.

Instead of animal control, Autry says the sheriff's department arrived and took a report.

Carolyn Slayter says she took her dogs home to get them from the situation and not make it worse. She admits their dogs were not on a leash but says the woman was not in control of her child.

We attempted to contact animal control to find out why they didn't respond Wednesday night.

"You have reached Blount County animal control.....All calls left after 4:30 pm will be answered the following business day."

Autry is left wondering why something wasn't done.

"Did they get cited maybe for not having their animals on a leash? What are we doing to prevent this again? What is the animal control division going to do to prevent this?"

Both Autry and Slayter say they have not been contacted by animal control. Officials with the Blount County Mayor's office say the officer was unaware anyone had been bitten and would not be able to comment. They referred comments to Mayor Jerry Cunningham who they said would be out of town until Monday.