Fun in Gatlinburg Doesn't Melt With The Snow

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Gatlinburg, Sevierville (WVLT) - It's definitely beginning to feel more like spring now.

The warm temperatures are here and spring fest is already underway in gatlinburg, with lots up upcoming events.

This is also the last weekend you can hit the slopes at ober.

"It's kind of sad because everything comes to an end, including the ski season," Ober's Director of Snow Sports Thomas Diriwachter can't believe the ski season is coming to an end. "You don't like to stop it. You feel like going on and on and on."

The slopes close Sunday and Thomas says last year was their best ever, this year it's been a battle with Mother Nature. "We had a good start right at the beginning of December with great snow conditions. We opened three to four slopes right away, and then it just warmed up."

It's been a mild winter, even for Gatlinburg. So you may be wondering where all this snow came from.

"All you see here is really machine-made snow," Diriwachter says. "We rely totally on man-made snow. Without that we wouldn't have anything left."

Thanks to the snow machines, six of Ober's eight slopes are open this weekend...

"It's very relaxed. It's like skiing through the waves of the ocean. The slopes are our ocean," says Diriwachter.

As the slopes close, spring opens up.

"As the birds come back and the flowers start to bloom, the town will fill up," says Gatlinburg Public Relations Coordinator Jim Davis.

Downtown Gatlinburg is already filled with tourists enjoying the warm weather, "It fills up the restaurants and the motels and shops and attractions. That's what we're here for," Davis says.

And this spring there's lots to attract people to the Smokies, including music of the mountains and endless hikes and festivals.

"When you're sitting here with the most gorgeous piece of land in the country, people are going to come," Davis says.

Ober is open from noon to 10:00 p.m. Saturday and 10:00 a.m. To 7:00 p.m. on Sunday.

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