Ex-Husband of Missing Scott County Woman Arrested

Oneida, Scott County (WVLT) - Two weeks ago Saturday, a Scott County woman disappeared after pulling up to another car in a shopping center parking lot in Oneida.

All day Friday, sheriff's investigators, drug-and-bomb dogs, even federal agents, have been looking for her body at the homestead of her ex-husband near Huntsville.

The ex: 59-year-old Doug Whisnant, is in jail on a trespassing charge.

But he has felony convictions, for possessing illegal weapons.

And he's a registered sex offender, for attacking a relative.

So the sheriff says, he's taking no chances.

We've had some reports saying that he is capable, not only of making class 3 weapons, which are machine guns, but also capable of making explosive devices."

Sheriff Anthony Lay won't say exactly what led investigators here, but neighbors tell WVLT they say Whisnant digging here with a backhoe shortly after Jean Johnson disappeared.

Miss Johnson divorced Whisnant more than a year ago.

But investigators say the former couple had been arguing recently, over terms of the divorce.

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